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Greetings, fellow alchemist! It’s time to transcend the barriers that held you back from creating the elusive Wheel in Little Alchemy. Let’s dive into this transformative journey together, leaving no room for doubts or uncertainties. Brace yourself as we introduce you to the ultimate solution – the official cheats guide for Little Alchemy 2.

My personal experience with both Little Alchemy 1 and 2 since 2019 is at your service, ready to pave the way for your success.

Crafting a wheel in Little Alchemy 2 isn’t merely a task; it’s a gateway to boundless creativity. By following a sequence of steps and harnessing the potential of specific elements, you can mould the Wheel into existence. As the Wheel takes shape, you’re bestowed with the power to fashion a multitude of fascinating creations.

Dive into a world of possibilities, armed with hints that will unlock a realm of exciting concoctions you’ve never imagined. Let’s embark on this alchemical adventure together, where the creation of the enigmatic “wheel” is just the beginning.

7 Ways to Craft a Wheel

Many have attempted, and many have fallen short – the Wheel has remained an enigma for countless players. But fear not, for I’m about to empower you with the wisdom you’ve been seeking.

There exist 7 methods to create a Wheel in Little Alchemy 2. Behold the definitive list:

  1. Combine metal and motion.
  2. Fuse motion and steel.
  3. Unite motion and stone.
  4. Meld motion and tool.
  5. Conjoin river and tool.
  6. Merge stream and tool.
  7. Harmonize tool and water.

The Easiest Path to Create a Wheel in Little Alchemy 2

Amidst the myriad combinations, there’s one path that reigns supreme in its simplicity – the Tool + Water fusion. Allow me to illuminate this route for you, the one that will lead you to your victorious creation.

The Easiest Path to Create a Wheel in Little Alchemy 2

Laying the Foundation: Crafting “Life”

Before we tread further, let’s create the cornerstone – “Life.” Embrace the alchemical dance with these transformative unions:

  1. Combine water with water to unveil a puddle.
  2. Ignite fire with fire, birthing energy.
  3. Merge puddle and water to birth a pond.
  4. Elevate the pond with water to manifest a lake.
  5. Let the lake embrace water, birthing the sea.
  6. Fuse earth with sea, summoning the primordial soup.
  7. Infuse energy into primordial soup, birthing life itself.

Forging the “Tool”

Now, the pivotal moment arrives. The creation of a Tool necessitates a sequence of calculated unions, each contributing to your alchemical mastery. Witness the birth of a Tool through these steps:

  1. Ignite the earth with fire, giving birth to lava.
  2. Fuse earth and water, sculpting mud.
  3. Let air intertwine with lava, yielding stone.
  4. Mingle mud and stone, birthing clay.
  5. Witness the union of clay and life, spawning a human.
  6. Witness the merging of a human with stone – behold, the tool emerges.

Creating Wheel

Now, the crescendo of our journey is at hand. Armed with the knowledge of Tool and Water combinations, the creation of the Wheel is within your grasp.

Behold the triumphant process:

Converge the essence of a Tool with the fluidity of water – the Wheel emerges.

Uses Of Wheel In Little Alchemy 2

Let’s dive into the practicality of it all. Armed with the Wheel, you’re poised to unlock an array of crafts that will dazzle your senses and ignite your imagination. Picture yourself forging these extraordinary creations:

  • Bicycles that take you on thrilling journeys through your alchemical universe.
  • Cars that redefine exploration and velocity are powered by your ingenuity.
  • Oil is a liquid gold that holds the promise of energy and innovation.
  • Pizzas are delectable creations that delight the senses and awaken your culinary prowess.

Here are some crafts that you can make using wheels:

Wheel + bicyclecar
Wheel + boilermachine + steam engine
Wheel + chainbicycle
Wheel + cheesepizza
Wheel + claypottery
Wheel + cookie doughdonut
Wheel + cottonthread
Wheel + daysundial
Wheel + doughdonut
Wheel + humancyclist
Wheel + lightsundial
Wheel + machinebicycle
Wheel + metalcar
Wheel + motorcyclecar
Wheel + mousehamster
Wheel + petroleumcombustion engine
Wheel + rathamster
Wheel + ski goggles/+skier/+snowboardskateboard
Wheel + steam enginetrain
Wheel + steamsteam engine
Wheel + steelcar
Wheel + sunsundial
Wheel + sundialclock
Wheel + sunfloweroil
Wheel + threadfabric
Wheel + timeclock
Wheel + toolmachine
Wheel + wallwindmill
Wheel + wheatflour
Wheel + wheelbicycle
Wheel + windwindmill
Wheel + woodcart

The journey that unfolds as you craft the Wheel in Little Alchemy 2 is more than a feat – it’s an experience. With each fusion, you harness the power of creation itself, shaping elements to yield miracles. The Wheel serves as a conduit, connecting you to a universe where creativity knows no bounds.

Ascend to the pinnacle of alchemical prowess with the creation of a Wheel in Little Alchemy 2. The fusion of “Water” and “Tool” gives birth to this marvel, infusing your game with an exhilarating touch of accomplishment. The journey itself is a testament to your dedication, offering an engaging platform for experimentation and learning.

So, fellow alchemist, the time has come to step into this enchanting realm. Let the official cheats guide be your compass, leading you through the intricacies of alchemical fusion. The Wheel is but the beginning – embrace the magic, embrace the limitless possibilities, and let your journey of creation begin.

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