The Legend of Dragoon: All Stardust Locations

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You’ve landed in the perfect spot if you’re hunting for the elusive Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations. Our comprehensive guide has meticulously cataloged every single location for your convenience.

Within the sprawling universe of Legend of Dragoon, Stardust is a precious commodity waiting to be discovered. Countless players have encountered challenges in tracking down these hidden gems, leaving them feeling frustrated.

Fret not, for we are here to offer you an invaluable solution. The forthcoming guide presents the definitive list of Legend of Dragoon Stardust Locations, organized by chapters. We aim to empower you with the knowledge needed to seek out each Stardust piece without further delays.

By amassing the entirety of Stardust within The Legend of Dragoon, you’re destined for more than mere satisfaction. Reap the rewards and unlock an optional boss battle, elevating your gaming experience to new heights. These coveted Stardust fragments are artfully dispersed throughout the game’s vast landscapes, awaiting your keen exploration.

But first, let’s clarify the essence of Stardust. This enigmatic substance promises to grant wishes when all fragments are collected. A total of 50 Stardust pieces await your discovery within The Legend of Dragoon.

How to acquired stardust in The Legend of Dragoon

In essence, Stardust encapsulates the spirit of collectibles within the game. Strategically hidden in diverse corners of towns and realms, they challenge your sense of observation and exploration.

Now, let’s delve into the compelling rewards that await you for embarking on this Stardust collection journey. Enter the character Martel, an NPC whose quest aligns with your goal. Martel seeks to gather these Stardust pieces to heal her ailing daughter.

As you accumulate Stardust, you can exchange them for rewards Martel offers, enhancing your gameplay in meaningful ways.

  • 10 Stardust: Secure the Physical Ring, a coveted accessory that elevates your maximum HP by an impressive 50%.
  • 20 Stardust: Unlock the Amulet, an artifact that doubles your maximum MP, empowering your magical abilities.
  • 30 Stardust: Acquire the Wargod Sash, a treasure that augments your SP gain by a remarkable 50%.
  • 40 Stardust: Attain the Rainbow Earring, a precious item that shields you from all abnormal states, ensuring your battle readiness.
  • 50 Stardust: Command the Vanishing Stone, a unique artifact that dispels Faust’s apparition, granting you access to an exhilarating optional boss encounter.

All Stardust Locations in Legend of Dragoon

Chapter 1

  • tidak dicentang[#1 – Seles] In the cemetery. Third headstone from the left, in front of the tree.
  • tidak dicentang[#2 – Bale] Right-rear of town. The well in Slambert Plaza.
  • tidak dicentang[#3 – Bale] Weapon shop: in the crate of spears.
  • tidak dicentang[#4 – Bale] Indels Castle. Basement area: furnace in the back.
  • tidak dicentang[#5 – Bale] Indels Castle. Upper level: back of the raised room on the left.
  • tidak dicentang[#6 – Bale] Underground. Take optional boat exit: wine stash at end of hall.
  • tidak dicentang[#7 – Bale] Home of Lavitz. Kitchen area: rear-right shelf. 
  • tidak dicentang[#8 – Hoax] Headquarters. Far left, set of crates. 
  • tidak dicentang[#9 – Hoax] Resident’s home at town entrance. Downstairs, in the fireplace.
  • tidak dicentang[#10 – Marshland] Fort building. In the bedroom fireplace.
  • tidak dicentang[#11 – Lohan] Town entrance. Small pot to the left of a soldier.
  • tidak dicentang[#12 – Lohan] Bazaar. Left side, stack of baskets.
  • tidak dicentang[#13 – Lohan] Dabas’ Antiques. Up the stairway, on a suit of armor.
  • tidak dicentang[#14 – Lohan] Upper Houses; bottom-left. Behind bookcase, basement furnace.
  • tidak dicentang[#15 – Kazas] Main road: First door on left. Barrels to the immediate right.
  • tidak dicentang[#16 – Kazas] Main road: First door on right. Upstairs in the messy pile.
  • tidak dicentang[#17 – Kazas] Weapon Shop. To the left of the shopkeeper’s counter.
  • tidak dicentang[#18 – Kazas] Resistance town – Upper house. bookshelf on the upper level.
  • tidak dicentang[#19 – Kazas] Resistance town shop. In the foreground barrels
  • tidak dicentang[#20 – Kazas] Resistance town shop. In the barrels just before the staircase.

Chapter 2

  • tidak dicentang[#21 – Fletz] Kaffi’s bar. Down the hall, crates on the right side.
  • tidak dicentang[#22 – Fletz] Building below the church; on the roof.
  • tidak dicentang[#23 – Fletz] Weapon Shop. Lower-left crate of weapons.
  • tidak dicentang[#24 – Fletz] Accessory Shop. Lower-left box of gems.
  • tidak dicentang[#25 – Fletz] Item Shop. In front of the large telescope.
  • tidak dicentang[#26 – Fletz] Twin Castle. Entryway, first statue on the right.
  • tidak dicentang[#27 – Fletz] Twin Castle. Inside a room at the base of the right-hand tower.
  • tidak dicentang[#28 – Donau] Town Square. Left-hand pool of water.
  • tidak dicentang[#29 – Donau] Mayor’s home. Left-rear, in the sink.
  • tidak dicentang[#30 – Home of Gigantos] Room with torch circle. Rear-right standing torch.
  • tidak dicentang[#31 – Queen Fury] Lower room. In the crates lower-left of the staircase.
  • tidak dicentang[#32 – Queen Fury] Main hallway. Near the ground pipe on the right.
  • tidak dicentang[#33 – Lidiera] Mayor’s home. In the rear-right room accessed via ladder.
  • tidak dicentang[#34 – Fueno] Inn. Among the barrels under the stairwell.
  • tidak dicentang[#35 – Fueno] Clinic. On the painting.

Chapter 3

  • tidak dicentang[#36 – Furni] First house on the right. In the barrels.
  • tidak dicentang[#37 – Furni] Teo’s basement. Use his room’s secret switch to access basement. 
  • tidak dicentang[#38 – Wingly Forest] Guaraha’s room. To the far right.
  • tidak dicentang[#39 – Wingly Forest] Below healing room. Right-side pillar with six green lights.
  • tidak dicentang[#40 – Neet] Entrance. On the hanging lantern to the right.
  • tidak dicentang[#41 – Deningrad] Inn. Second floor, rear wall. (After event)
  • tidak dicentang[#42 – Deningrad] Shop area. Blanket of goods on the floor. (After event)
  • tidak dicentang[#43 – Deningrad] Shop area. Second blanket of goods. (After event)
  • tidak dicentang[#44 – Deningrad] Palace. End of  blocked path, left of stairway. (After event)
  • tidak dicentang[#45 – Deningrad] Throne room. Chamber of Signet blockage. (After event)
  • tidak dicentang[#46 – Vellweb] Dragoon Towers. On the altar in Shirley’s tower.

Chapter 4

  • tidak dicentang[#47 – Ulara] Weapon shop. Group of pots along the north wall.
  • tidak dicentang[#48 – Ulara] Down the main walkway. In a bed of roses near the save point.
  • tidak dicentang[#49 – Ulara] Down the main walkway. In a bed of large snapping plants.
  • tidak dicentang[#50 – Rouge] Left of Martel’s room. Large pot on the right.

Martel Appearances

As you journey through the game, you’ll come across Martel in various locations, where you can turn in your hard-earned Stardust in exchange for these exceptional rewards.

The tables below offer detailed insights into Martel’s whereabouts, the associated tips, and the corresponding Stardust locations. Please be advised that mild spoilers may be present in these tables.

CitySpecific LocationWhen She ArrivesWhen She Leaves
BaleIn the house to the left of Lavitz’ mother’s houseWhen you first leave Bale after visiting King Albert and Lavitz’ motherOnce you begin the Hero Competition
FletzIn Kaffi’s barAfter the second time you visit with Kaffi and a night passesOnce chapter three begins
DeningradTo the left of the open areaAfter the Divine Dragon attacks the city
RougeUpper level of the village to the northShe will be here when you arrive

Remember that you’re not alone in your pursuit of Stardust and the rewards it promises. Our guide is your trusted companion, leading you towards Stardust-rich havens and unveiling their secrets. Prepare to forge an unforgettable path within The Legend of Dragoon, where Stardust becomes the key to unlocking extraordinary accomplishments.

As you embark on this thrilling journey, keep your eyes peeled for these Stardust treasures. The allure of exploration, rewards, and the satisfaction of collecting them all await you. Your legacy within The Legend of Dragoon will be etched in stardust brilliance.

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