How to Get Bees Out of Advanced Beehive Minecraft

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Bees: These buzzing little creatures aren’t just vital to our real-world ecosystem but also the blocky realms of Minecraft. They bring life to your gardens, produce honey, and even enhance crop growth. As you delve deeper into Minecraft, you might stumble upon or craft the “Advanced Beehive” – a step up from the regular beehive, promising greater rewards.

But how do you safely extract these little workers without causing a swarm? Let’s navigate this path together.

In Minecraft, bees aren’t just aimlessly buzzing around; they have a routine. They’re constantly moving from collecting nectar and pollinating crops to returning to their hive or nest at night or during rain. The Advanced Beehive, an upgrade from the basic beehive, allows for more storage and can offer increased honeycomb drops, making your beekeeping ventures more fruitful.

Imagine the distress of being jolted from a deep sleep. That’s precisely how bees feel if disturbed wrongly. Get it right, and they continue their work, oblivious to your actions. Get it wrong, and they become aggravated, attacking in a swarm. This isn’t just about avoiding stings; a harmonious bee environment accelerates pollination and honey production.


It’s essential to recognize that not all bees in Minecraft are the same. Productive bees, especially solitary ones, won’t settle in hives; they prefer nests. These bees exclusively nestle in nests, requiring a specific environment that mimics their solitary nature.

To cater to them, you need to craft nests. A simple combination of a log and a wooden sword should suffice. Place these nests strategically, considering that solitary bees need their space. So, if you aim to house multiple solitary bees, ensure you have a nest for each.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Get Bees Out of an Advanced Beehive in Minecraft

1. Preparation

Before embarking on your extraction mission, gather the essentials:

  • Tools and Materials: Arm yourself with a campfire and flowers.
  • Timing: Ensure it’s daytime. Bees venture out of their hives daily, making your task easier.

2. Using a Campfire

Just as a lullaby calms a child, smoke from a campfire soothes bees.

  • Place the Campfire: Position it directly beneath the beehive. This calms the bees, ensuring they don’t become aggressive during extraction.
  • Observe the Bees: The previously bustling hive now exudes calmness, with bees moving more flexibly.

3. Luring Bees Out

Here’s where your flowers come into play.

  • Hold the Flower: Similar to how you’d hold any item, have a flower (like a dandelion or poppy) in your hand.
  • Attract the Bees: Slowly approach the hive. The bees, drawn to the flower, will follow you. It’s like playing a gentle game of “follow the leader.”

4. Repopulating Your Beehive

Once you’ve achieved your goal, you should guide the bees back.

  • Lead with the Flower: The bees, still intrigued by the flower, will follow you back.
  • Re-Entry: Once near the hive, they’ll recognize it as home and re-enter.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Bee Environment

A thriving bee or animal environment in minecraft isn’t just about extraction; it’s a continuous commitment.

1. Planting Flowers: Consider these nature’s magnets for bees.

While bees aren’t overly picky, having a variety of flowers (like sunflowers, lilacs, or roses) can make your garden more attractive. A flower-rich environment means bees don’t wander far, speeding up honey production.

2. Protecting Your Bees: Your buzzing friends face threats, especially at night.

Ensure the vicinity of the hive is well-lit. This deters nocturnal mobs like zombies or skeletons. Bees have a set flight path. Ensure no hazardous obstructions, like water or lava, are in their way.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

While beekeeping in Minecraft might seem straightforward, it’s easy to slip up. Recognizing potential pitfalls can keep your apiary adventures smooth.

1. Not Using a Campfire: Skipping this step is tempting, especially if you’re impatient. But the result? Agitated bees are more likely to attack than produce.

2. Misplacing the Beehive: Location, location, location! If placed too far, bees might not recognize the hive upon return. Ensure it’s within their familiar territory.

3. Neglecting Bee Population: Just as you wouldn’t cram ten people in a small room, avoid overcrowding your hive. Remember, each Advanced Beehive can accommodate only so many bees. Regularly checking and ensuring they have enough space is vital.

In Conclusion

Minecraft’s simulation of the natural world, including the harmonious existence of bees, is a testament to the game’s depth and complexity. With patience and understanding, beekeeping can be a rewarding experience. It’s about creating a balance: extracting the fruits of their labor while ensuring a nurturing environment. As you continue your Minecraft journey, remember that every creature adds depth and richness to your world, no matter how small.

Lastly, we’re always eager to hear from fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. Have a bee-related story, tip, or challenge you encountered? Share with us. Together, as a community, we learn, grow, and delve deeper into the pixelated wonders of Minecraft. Happy crafting!

Fernando Meyer

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