Why Does It Say Real Debrid Payment Refused?

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Why does it say real debrid payment refused? In case of a real debrid payment being rejected, try the following to fix the issue.

What is Real Debrid?

As a premium downloader service, Real Debrid can instantly stream or download files hosted on the Internet (especially, Kodi-related). The service gives its consumers a variety of monthly and yearly membership plans.

When the “Real Debrid Payment Refused” error shows up when you try to sign up for the service or re-sign up for it, most of the time, the problem means that there are problems with the way you want to pay. The problem is not limited to a certain way to pay, type of device, or place.

Causes Real Debrid Payment Refused

There are many reasons why a customer might get a “real debrid payment refused” error, but the following are the most common ones:

  1. Problems with a Real Debrid Account
    If Real Debrid found that an account was breaking its Terms of Service, the service could refuse to accept payments from that account, so the user wouldn’t be able to pay.
  2. Insufficient Funds
    If the user’s account with the payment service used to pay Real Debrid doesn’t have enough money in it, this could cause the payment refused error. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.
  3. Your bank is blocking the online payment for security reasons
    A user might get the payment refused error on Real Debrid if the payment service blocked the payment because it thought it was suspicious. Also, many payment methods automatically decline international payments until the user approves them, which could also be the cause of the problem.
  4. The credit card is not issued from the country in which you currently are
    The country issued should be the same as the country you are paying from.
  5. Your Device is Connected to a VPN
    If the device used to pay for Real Debrid is connected to a VPN, the VPN could cause a difference between the country of the payment method and the country of the subscription.

How to Fix Real Debrid Payment Refused?

If none of the above helps and you still get ‘real debrid payment refused,’ read on to know more about how to fix the issue.

Use a Different Way To Pay

A user may get a Real Debrid payment refused message if the method of payment is not one that Real Debrid supports. In this case, the problem might be solved by trying a different way to pay.

Disable VPN

If a user tries to pay Real Debrid from a device or system that is connected to a VPN, this could be the cause of the payment problem we are talking about. Real Debrid would like it if the country of the payment method and the country where the user lives were the same. In this case, the problem might be fixed if the Real Debrid payment is made after the VPN is turned off. Make sure the Real Debrid servers are up and running before moving on.

Reach Out to the Customer Service

If the payment service thinks that the payment is suspicious, even if the user has made similar payments before, they may not accept it, causing the real debrid payment refused error. Also, many payment services automatically block international payments, which could also be causing the problem. Here, the problem might be solved by calling the payment service and asking them to let the payment go through or to allow international payments.

You may also create a new Real Debrid account and use that to complete the payment. Make sure you have signed out from the old account and deleted any cookies from your browser.

What is the best alternative to real Debrid?

Get a bitcoin wallet and make a payment with it. Just bought a 6 month sub and it went through right away. The bitcoin takes about a week to recieve after you purchase it though.

Had a problem with using Amazon to pay for real debrid?

It could be your bank. You have to go into settings and move the slide option to accept international transactions.

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