Pilot Truck Stop Store 62 in Florence, SC: Truck Stop Review

Fernando Meyer


For the busy professional driver, particularly those common to the I-95 corridor, this small Pilot directly off exit 170, on the northern side of Florence, South Carolina, is a handy and convenient stop. One just cannot miss it, right there in plain sight on the east side of the highway, and the exit and reentry to the highway is easy off and then back on. Please keep in mind, however, that during the time of this writing, the exit ramps and, indeed, the entire overpass are busy going through a complete reconstruction. The interstate corridor slows to 55 through the area, and there are numerous barricades. But even with this, negotiating through there is not difficult.

Once you pass this mess and move towards the truck stop, you’ll have to go east a few hundred yards and then proceed up a small road leading to the entrance. Once there, it’s best to go past the fuel lanes and towards where parking takes place, go through the parking lot (where there are 75 parking spaces), and then come back past the Cat Scale and towards the eight lanes.

If there is one thing I find a particular setback and failure on the part of this location’s construction, there are no spaces available to pull ahead from the pumps and go inside. There is a small amount of space for the far right, four spaces or so, but one is really just in the way. Further, the two spaces on the far right are blocked from an easy exit because of obstacles right at the exit point. What I will often do, particularly during the early day, is just go park in a parking space and then walk in unless traffic through there is simply light.

This, I believe, is the worst situation within this location, whereas everything else is more acceptable.

Once you’re inside, the registers are to the right, the restrooms and showers to the left, and there is a Wendy’s store just past the registers, before where one would see the coffee and grill station. As a male, I find the restroom in this location cramped and rather small in comparison to the remainder of the store. One continually bumps into others, trying to both exit and enter the restroom, and the three sinks force guys to wash their hands while constantly bumping elbows with others. This restroom is made for Oompa Loompas, but it isn’t horrifying. A nuisance at worst, and then just for a moment.

The lobby, in general, is nothing special, with the typical wares and stuff and things for sale at luxuriant retail prices. I can say the people who have worked here, in my experience, are pleasant and polite, patient and capable. We’ve all seen the Pilot where it seemed company policy to employ only morons and miscreants, but this one is not that.

The Wendy’s is actually a nice store for what it is. Again, some of these branch locations tend to suck, but this one seems to always be running well and efficiently. If you desire something quick while you’re forced to remain at the pump, chances are you’ll leave with what you wanted and not have to duke it out with some impatient driver before you make it to your truck. From there, it is a no-need-to-mention Wendy’s store with Wendy’s stuff.

There isn’t much else around except for a McDonald’s across the street. I have worked my way in and out of this Pilot since 2004 and have never attempted to fly across the highway to McDonald’s.

Guys, it’s a McDonald’s, and there is a Wendy’s right here. Hello…

If there is one thing I would point out for those who want to leave the truck for a while, there is no place in the store to sit and hang out other than Wendy’s. No lounge or TV room, and only the restaurant if you’re the sort to sit with your laptop with nothing better to do than write truck stop reviews. Many of us have come to enjoy those locations offering a lounging area, so know that such luxuries are not here.

Overall, I would rate this truck stop as rather acceptable and worth trying.

The lot isn’t difficult to work with, so parking is not a challenge, and because there are so many other truck stops within fifteen miles of this location, it doesn’t tend to get overcrowded like some locations can. However, if you’re in the region and seeking parking, I would not recommend this location first but instead, seek the Flying J just north of this location, at exit 181. This Flying J has an enormous parking lot with more parking than would ever fill up. That lot is in disrepair, so it feels as though you’re working your truck through a blast crater, but the choice is there. Also, there is a nice Wilco/Hess directly on the other side of the highway.

Fernando Meyer

Fernando Meyer

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