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Smartphones have given board games a renewed existence in the digital age, delivering timeless family entertainment to our fingertips. One notable example is Monopoly GO, which revolutionizes the cherished board game genre by introducing it to the digital domain. In addition to purchasing properties and collecting rent, this game requires strategic thinking, the ability to seize opportunities, and quick reasoning.

In contrast to other digital board games, Monopoly GO maintains player interest through dynamic gameplay and recurring events. Constantly devising strategies to outmaneuver their family and friends, players transform each game into a new adventure.

By introducing events every few days and rewarding them with Dice Rolls and Stickers, which enhance the gameplay experience, it is ingenious to encourage players to return.

The Complete Monopoly GO Equity Extravaganza Rewards & Milestones

Scopely, the game’s developer has introduced the All Equity Extravaganza. This new event is attracting the attention of Monopoly GO enthusiasts.

Like preceding events, this one provides participants abundant rewards as they reach various milestones. Accumulating points and gaining access to rewards introduces an additional dimension of enjoyment and rivalry to the game.

The Complete Monopoly GO Equity Extravaganza Rewards & Milestones

The Equity Extravaganza aims to incentivize participants in recognition of their diligence and expertise. The rewards, which range from financial prizes to Sticker Packs and Dice Rolls, are designed to provide substantial advantages in the game. The achievement of attainable milestones at attainable point levels motivates participants to engage actively in the event.

For example, a minimum of 5 points earned grants access to a cash prize, whereas 1000 points earned grants access to a tremendous 1000 dice rolls. Achieving 6500 points grants access to the pinnacle of rewards, which comprises a remarkable 6500 Dice Rolls and a 5-star Sticker Pack. As such, serious participants eagerly anticipate this objective.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
15Cash Prize
21015 Dice Rolls
3101-Star Sticker Pack
410125 Dice Rolls
555Cash Prize
6151-Star Sticker Pack
720Cash Prize
820225 Dice Rolls
925Cash Prize
10150Rent Frenzy (10 Minutes)
11351-Star Sticker Pack
1240Cash Prize
13425570 Dice Rolls
14451-Star Sticker Pack
1550Cash Prize
1655Cash Prize
17800850 Dice Rolls
1860Cash Prize
19702-Star Sticker Pack
2080Cash Prize
2110001000 Dice Rolls
22100High Roller (10 Minutes)
23120Cash Prize
24130120 Dice Rolls
25700Cash Prize
26150130 Dice Rolls
27250Cash Prize
282003-Star Sticker Pack
29225Cash Boost (5 Minutes)
3022001800 Dice Rolls
31300Cash Prize
324004-Star Sticker Pack
33500Cash Prize
3445003750 Dice Rolls
356005-Star Sticker Pack
36700Rent Frenzy (20 Minutes)
37800500 Dice Rolls
383500Cash Prize
39900550 Dice Rolls
4010005-Star Sticker Pack
411100Cash Prize
4265006500 Dice Rolls and 5-Star Sticker Pack

Methods to Achieve Rewards

To thrive in the Equity Extravaganza, participants ought to prioritize the implementation of strategic property acquisitions, astute deal-making, and optimizing point-earning opportunities. By strategically utilizing Dice Rolls and participating in as many events as feasible, one can substantially improve their prospects of progressing through the milestones.

Maintaining active participation in the game is also crucial, as alterations to the events and their corresponding rewards may present fresh approaches to advancing in the leaderboard.

The Equity Extravaganza in Monopoly GO is more than a mere occasion; it embodies the game’s dedication to ensuring a dynamic, thrilling, and competitive gameplay experience. This event offers something for everyone, from casual players seeking to enjoy the game with companions to competitive players striving for the highest prizes.

The rewards and milestones are strategically crafted to maintain your interest and encourage you to compete at your highest level.

Monopoly GO brings the classic board game into the digital age with flair and enthusiasm. The Equity Extravaganza event is a compelling illustration of how the game maintains player interest through an enticing combination of strategy, competition, and rewards. Therefore, assemble your family and friends, devise a plan to reach the pinnacle, and capitalize on Monopoly GO’s opportunities. Engaging in the game to obtain the coveted 5-Star Sticker Pack or a Cash Prize ensures an enjoyable experience filled with obstacles and rewards. Prepare to make your impression in Monopoly GO by rolling the dice.

Fernando Meyer

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