Minecraft Live 2023: All About the Mob Vote

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Every year, Minecraft enthusiasts and gamers worldwide mark their calendars for a special event: Minecraft Live. It’s that time when the community comes together, celebrates their shared passion, and gets a glimpse of the game’s future. But what’s special about Minecraft Live 2023? Let’s dive in.

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 began at 1 PM EDT on Friday, October 13, 2023. It ran for 48 hours and fifteen minutes, concluding at 1:15 PM EDT on Sunday, October 15, 2023. During this period, players could vote for their favorite among the three new mobs introduced for the vote.

From the Phantom to the Glow Squid and the recent Sniffer, mob voting has always added a fun element to the game​​.

The voting for 2023 commenced on October 13 and concluded on October 15, with players having multiple channels to cast their votes, including a special Minecraft Bedrock World, the Minecraft Launcher, or the official Minecraft website​.

Minecraft is not just a game; it’s an ever-evolving universe shaped largely by its community. One of the event’s highlights is the Mob Vote, where players get a say in the game’s future content. But why is this vote so crucial?

Delving into the annals of Minecraft history can be an exciting journey. Players have witnessed and participated in the birth of new mobs each year, changing the game dynamics.

Why the Mob Vote Matters

It’s not just about adding a new creature; it’s about changing the gameplay, strategy, rewards, and essence of the game. But what’s on the table for 2023?

Meet the Contenders: The Mobs of 2023

Every Mob Vote presents a set of unique mobs, each promising a different kind of thrill and challenge. This year, we’ve got a captivating lineup. Let’s get acquainted.

2023 brought forward three exciting mobs, each with unique allure and utility.

Mob A: Minecraft Crab

Revealed on October 3, the Minecraft Crab is not just a cute critter but also a valuable companion for builders, thanks to its claw that aids in placing blocks​​.

Mob B: Minecraft Armadillo

Unveiled on October 4, the Armadillo thrives in warm climates like the savanna biome, dropping scutes, which can be used in crafting armor for tamed wolves​.

Mob C: Minecraft Penguin

The final reveal on October 5 was the Minecraft Penguin, a mob the community has long clamored for, promising new chilly adventures​.

How the Voting Process Works

It’s not just about the mobs; it’s also about how you, the player, get to decide their fate. But how does this democratic process unfold?

Platforms for Voting

Digital platforms have always been the bridge connecting the Minecraft team with its vast player base. But where exactly does this pivotal interaction happen?

Voting Duration and Rules

A vote of such significance isn’t without its guidelines. So, before you cast that precious vote, what should you know?

Why Your Vote Counts

Amidst millions of players, you might think, does my solitary vote matter? Well, here’s why every click on that voting button has immense weight.

Post-vote Integration and Game Dynamics

The real magic begins once the vote concludes and the cheers die down. The integration of the winning mob! But what does this mean for the average Minecraft enthusiast?

Expected Gameplay Changes

Every new mob carries with it new dynamics, challenges, and joys. How will the winning mob of 2023 reshape our beloved game?

Introducing a new mob invariably alters the game’s dynamics, bringing fresh strategies and challenges.

New Strategies

Every new mob brings unique behaviors and attributes, leading to new strategies and gameplay styles.


Adapting to the new mob’s presence and leveraging its unique abilities or countering its threats adds a layer of challenge and excitement.

Community Response

The heartbeat of Minecraft is its vibrant community. Once a new mob is introduced, how does the community adapt, strategize, and celebrate?


Concluding our journey through Minecraft Live 2023’s Mob Vote, it’s evident that it’s not just a game update. It’s a dance between developers and players, shaping a universe they jointly cherish. But before we sign off, let’s address some burning questions.

How can I participate in the next mob vote?

Participate in the next mob vote by logging into Minecraft during the specified voting period. You can vote via the Minecraft Launcher, the official website, or through a special Minecraft Bedrock World if you have the Bedrock edition​.

What were the previous mobs introduced through voting?

Some previous mobs introduced through voting include the Phantom, Glow Squid, and Sniffer​​.

How does the new mob affect the overall gameplay?

The new mob will introduce unique behaviors and attributes to the game, bringing fresh challenges and strategies for players to explore.

Fernando Meyer

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