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My Singing Monsters is a delightful game that combines world-building with the joy of collecting unique, melodic monsters. One of the game’s most exciting features is the ability to breed different monsters to produce rare and unique offspring. Among these is Spurrit, a sought-after monster known for its vibrant appearance and unique tune. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about breeding Spurrit, combining insights from experienced players and proven strategies.

Understanding Spurrit

Introduced on May 25th, 2022, during the Version 3.5.0 update, Spurrit stands as a celebration of the Perplexplore season. This Seasonal Monster, residing on the Fire Oasis, was unveiled alongside the Epic Rootitoot.

Spurrit in My Singing Monsters

True to its seasonal nature, Spurrit graces the game for specific durations. It is optimally obtained by pairing the Wynq with the Maw, resulting in a default breeding time of 20 hours and 18 minutes.

Notably, Spurrit isn’t just an aesthetic delight and lucrative addition to your Monster collection, boasting higher coin production than many of its peers on Fire Oasis. For those looking to explore further, once Spurrit reaches level 15, it can be teleported to the Seasonal Shanty or bred using Blabbit and Hoola.

It also maintains its reputation for impressive coin generation, showcasing decent ongoing coin production and a commendably high maximum income capacity compared to other Monsters.

Besides being a unique creature in its own right, Spurrit plays a pivotal role in various breeding combinations within “My Singing Monsters.” When on the Seasonal Shanty, Spurrit, representing the Perplexplore Element, can be combined with any other monster. This combination yields another Spurrit with a breeding time of 20 days, 18 hours.

But Spurrit’s versatility doesn’t end there.

When paired with other monsters, you might end up with either the partner monster or, excitingly, a rare version of that partner monster. The exact breeding times for these combinations can vary. Hence, when experimenting with Spurrit in your breeding pursuits, always be prepared for delightful surprises and remember to check for specific breeding durations.

Physical Attributes and Sound: Spurrit is known for its captivating feathers and distinct tune. A blend of a spirit and a bird, its melody adds a harmonious touch to any island.

Island Preferences: While some monsters have preferences, Spurrit is known to grace specific islands with its presence. Ensure you’re trying to breed on these to increase your success rate.

Benefits of having a Spurrit: Beyond its melodious tune, having a Spurrit can boost your game’s aesthetics and points. It’s a mark of a dedicated player and can be a gem in your monster collection.

How to Breed Spurrit

Before diving in, ensure you’ve reached the game level where Spurrit becomes available for breeding. Progressing in the game opens up more monsters and breeding possibilities.

Breeding Location

Optimal locations are vital. Some islands have higher success rates for certain breeds. For Spurrit, it’s best to focus on its preferred islands.

Breeding Time

Patience is key! Once you’ve started the breeding process, it might take some time to see your new Spurrit. But trust us, it’s worth the wait!

Spurrit, a sought-after creature in “My Singing Monsters,” can be a bit elusive. This unique monster is available for breeding during the special Perplexplore season but only on the Fire Oasis.

To have the best shot at acquiring Spurrit on the Fire Oasis, combine the Wynq, which possesses the Water, Cold, and Fire Elements, with the Maw, known for its Water and Cold Elements. If you’ve missed the Perplexplore season or wish for another avenue, do not forget! You can also breed Spurrit anytime on the Seasonal Shanty.

Here, the key is to pair the Eggy Element-carrying Blabbit with the Summer Element-loving Hoola. However, managing your expectations is important; breeding Seasonal Monsters like Spurrit doesn’t always result in instant success.

Acquiring such coveted creatures often requires patience and multiple breeding attempts. So, keep trying, and with some luck, Spurrit might soon grace your collection!

The Perfect Combination: How to Breed Spurrit

According to reliable sources, combining Monster A with Monster B has shown a significant success rate in producing Spurrit. Remember, the higher the level of your monsters, the better your chances.

Alternative Combinations: While the above combination is most recommended, players have also had success breeding Spurrit with combinations like Monster C and Monster D. Experiment and find what works best for you.

Boosting Your Chances: Maximize your success rate by lighting torches and keeping an eye out for special events that might increase breeding odds.

Breeding is a game of chance. If unsuccessful, don’t be disheartened. Try again! Each attempt brings you closer to getting your Spurrit.

You might get a different monster if the breeding time doesn’t match Spurrit’s. This provides an opportunity to expand your collection or retry breeding Spurrit.

Keep a close eye on your in-game resources. Ensure you have enough to engage in multiple breeding attempts and remember to always keep some in reserve.

The My Singing Monsters Reddit community has been a goldmine of tips and shared experiences. Many players have shared their joy upon successfully breeding Spurrit. In contrast, others have tweaked the above combinations, leading to success. It’s always beneficial to join such communities and learn from fellow players.

Breeding Spurrit, like any monster in My Singing Monsters, combines strategy with a touch of luck. Following this guide and learning from the community, boost your chances and hopefully add this melodious creature to your collection soon.

Successfully bred Spurrit? Or have some unique insights? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. And if you found this guide helpful, check out our other tutorials and monster-breeding insights here!

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