Destiny 2 Season of The Deep – Fishing Guide

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Get ready to embark on an exciting new journey in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep. The game developers have listened, and now, Fishing is finally here! This isn’t your typical fishing minigame. It’s a thrilling cosmic adventure that promises more than just a tasty catch.

Unlock the thrill of Fishing in Destiny 2

Access to D2 Fishing is yours once you complete the Seasonal introductory mission on Titan. After this, a quest will be waiting for you at the Terminal to engage with Suraya Howthorne in the city.

She will hand over your very own Fishing Tackle and let you in on its secret – it needs bait! Your tackle will show how much bait you’ve got, and post-fishing, it will reveal your aquatic loot along with their rarity.

Stock up on Bait

You can gather bait from Playlist Activities, Deep Dive (19 baits), or by participating in public events and patrol missions in open world activities or by collecting Planetary materials (1 bait). The quickest way to stock up? Heroic public events and patrol missions are your best bet.

Make it more fun by teaming up with friends. Divide and conquer those missions! And if you’re short on teammates, Overgear is always ready to join forces during Deep Dives farming or any other activity.

Fishing Hotspots in Destiny 2

There are three prime fishing locations within the game:

  1. The Outskirts at EDZ;
  2. The Cistern on Nessus;
  3. The Miasma within Savathun’s Throne World.
Fishing Hotspots in Destiny 2

These spots are part of your Introductory quest so that you won’t miss out. Plus, after visiting all three sites once, Suraya Howthorne rewards ten free baits as a bonus!

How to Fish in Destiny 2

So, how do you fish? It’s simpler than you think! Position yourself on decks facing water bodies, then press action buttons according to your device type for casting your fishing rod. If you’ve tried fishing minigames before, these mechanics should feel familiar – press the interaction button when the fish bites and submerges underwater; quick reactions lead to high-quality catches!

To catch Exotic fish, follow these steps:

  1. Gather between 50 – 70 Bait;
  2. Choose a bustling fishing hotspot (avoid if less than two Guardians are present);
  3. Collaborate with friends.

By sticking to these guidelines, the chances of catching an Exotic Fish increase dramatically! Once caught and deposited into your tank, watch as they swim around amidst available aquarium plants for tank decoration.

Reap the rewards from Destiny 2 Fishing

Depositing Legendary fish into H.E.L.M.’s Aquarium brings exciting rewards such as armor materials and Exotics Reckoning weapons.

Rewards include:

  • Legendary Fish might reward Legendary gear, including Reckoning weapons and Sonar Station Reputation Glimmer Deep Dive keys.
  • Exotic Fish could yield exotic items such as Ascendant Shards Exotic armor, and all Legendary Fish rewards.

Each location has its unique list of fishes varying from uncommon to rare legendary varieties, which can be tracked via the Triumphs page, which records all catches made.

Caught fish sent to Aquarium H.E.L.M exchanged rewards, Thus making Fishing becomes the primary source of Season’s Reckoning weapons. Before focusing on Deep Engram, these weapons need to be unlocked specifically through Fishing. So, gear up and get ready to dive into the cosmic seas of Destiny 2!

Fernando Meyer

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