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The Throne of Glass is a series of eight books by Sarah J. Maas. You can see them all in order here, plus the year each book was published.

You may have waited until the series was done before picking up Throne of Glass so you could read the whole thing in one sitting. That time has come, and you may be staring at a title after title in the Throne of Glass series, wondering in what order you should read them.

In this post, I’ll go into detail about the Throne of Glass series in order and tell you why and when you should read each one.

What’s The Throne of Glass Series About?

The series was based on the story of Cinderella, but Cinderella is now a killer instead of a servant. In the fantasy series, Celaena Sardothien, a young woman and assassin, goes from being a slave to the person who will save her kingdom.

The Throne of Glass series has won many awards, and it is full of drama, action, and romance. In the corrupt kingdom of Adarlan, where the books are set, Celaena Sardothien is a beautiful but dangerous teenager who works as a killer. Celaena is 18 years old and has been sentenced to live in the dark salt mines of Endovier for the rest of her life. A deal is made with her. Her freedom in exchange for a sacrifice: she must fight the most dangerous people in the land in a tournament for the prince.

Celaena has to work for a cruel King that she doesn’t like, so she has to make hard decisions that could affect her and the people she cares about. Can an assassin redeem herself? And maybe even how to love? She is bound for greatness, but first, she has to get rid of the evil at the heart of her world.

Sarah J Mass is also known for writing the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and the Crescent City series. If you’ve been reading the Throne of Glass books since the first one came out, then it’s only natural that you’d want to read the rest. But if you want to start the series, you might want to read Throne os Glass in the order shown below.

All The Throne Of Glass Books In Order

  1. Book 1: Throne of Glass (2012)
  2. Book 2: Crown of Midnight (2013)
  3. Book 3: Heir of Fire (2014)
  4. Book 4: Queen of Shadows (2015)
  5. Book 5: Empire of Storms (2016)
  6. Book 6: Tower of Dawn (2017)
  7. Book 7: Kingdom of Ash (2018)
  8. Prequel: The Assassin’s Blade (2014)

Book 1 – Throne of Glass (2012)

Throne of Glass (2012)

In 2015, the first novel in the series, Throne of Glass, was nominated for the Lincoln Award and won the North Carolina Young Adult Book Award for High School. It features a teenage assassin who is enslaved and must fight for Prince Dorian against the kingdom’s most infamous assassins and thieves to reclaim her freedom. Celaena accepts the opportunity but quickly realizes that a tremendous and terrifying destiny lies beyond her.

Book 2 – Crown of Midnight (2013)

Crown of Midnight (2013)

The second novel in the series follows assassin Celaena following her victory in the King’s Champion competition. As the novel progresses, Celaena must choose between maintaining her phony loyalty to the crown and battling for the people she genuinely cared about, all while attempting to unravel the dark secrets of the dark castle. Crown of Midnight was nominated in the Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category for the 2013 Goodreads Choice Award.

Book 3 – Heir of Fire (2014)

Heir of Fire (2014)

Following Celaena’s voyage to Wendlyn, where she confronts the truth about her ancestry and accepts her role as queen of Terrasen, Heir of Fire is brimming with captivating primary plots. In the meantime, Prince Dorian battles to integrate his expanding abilities, the throne contends with rebels, and horrible forces conspire to enslave everyone. Heir of Fire, the third book in the series, was also nominated for the 2014 Goodreads Choice Award in the aforementioned category.

Book 4 – Queen of Shadows (2015)

Queen of Shadows (2015)

The fourth installment of the Throne of Glass series, Queen of Shadows, follows an angry Celaena Sardothien who has vowed to confront her past and preserve her realm. To accomplish this, she must fight for her remaining loved ones. This book was nominated for the Best of the Best award in 2018, and it won the Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction Goodreads Choice Award in 2015.

Book 5 – Empire of Storms (2016)

Empire of Storms (2016)

The fifth book in the Throne of Glass series, Empire of Storms, was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award in the Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category. It continues to follow Celaena Sardothien, but this time as Aelin Galathynius, who is determined not to abandon her kingdom. She raises an army and pursues Lord Erawan, who is hell-bent on destroying the world. Aelin would learn more about herself in the process, discovering that she was destined for something bigger than herself from birth: nothing had happened by chance.

Book 6 – Tower of Dawn (2017)

Tower of Dawn (2017)

The events of this book take place concurrently with the events of the previous book, Empire of Storms. It follows Chaol Westfall, a royal guard and friend of Prince Dorian who has spent years serving the evil king. He flees the king and, along with Nesryn Faliq, forms an alliance with the Khaganate in order to save Erilea’s armies. Towers of Dawn, like the majority of the books in this series, was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award.

Book 7 – Kingdom of Ash (2018)

Kingdom of Ash (2018)

Kingdom of Ash, the final book in the Throne of Glass series, won the 2018 Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction. It describes how Aelin Galathynius was kidnapped, imprisoned in an iron coffin, and tortured mercilessly. Everyone must now fight to save Erilea, and Aelin may pay the ultimate price.

Prequel – The Assassin’s Blade (2014)

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, The Assassin and the Healer, The Assassin and the Desert, The Assassin and the Underworld, and The Assassin and the Empire are the titles of the five stories in this book. Each of these was released as a novella in 2012. In 2014, they were put together and released as The Assassin’s Blade.

The five novellas are a collection of stories that take place before the Throne of Glass series. They show Celaena Sardothien’s dark past just before she was captured and put in prison in Endovier. The novellas in order as follows:

  1. The Assassin and the Pirate Lord
  2. The Assassin and the Healer
  3. The Assassin and the Desert
  4. The Assassin and the Underworld
  5. The Assassin and the Empire

Final Thought

If you confuce in which order you should read The Throne Of Glass series because there are so many books, here is the answer.

Start with the Assassin’s Blade, then read the main series up to Empire of Storms. Stop there and read the Empire of Storms exclusives, then continue with the main series. That is how to read all the Throne Of Glass Series orders.

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