Where Do Backyard Chickens Sleep?

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There are a few places where backyard chickens can sleep. Chickens can sleep in a coop, on a porch, or in an area that is fenced in. Backyard chickens need a safe place to sleep where they won’t be hurt by weather or animals.

Every living thing on Earth must sleep during the day or at night. The same is true for chickens. In fact, they are like people in that they need about 8 hours of sleep every night to work well. Where do backyard chickens sleep?

Where do wild chickens sleep?

So, if you want to know more about how and where your backyard chickens sleep, you can think about how and where they sleep in the wild.

Wild chickens like to blend in with their surroundings by sleeping on the lower branches of trees or under bushes. But this doesn’t always happen because there are also dangerous animals in the trees.

At night, owls hunt jungle fowl and eat their eggs. Because of this, some wild chickens sleep on the ground, hidden by thick bushes. If it’s a wild hen, likely, she will only sleep on the ground to take care of her eggs.

They don’t nest on the ground because they can’t fly but because they want their chicks to be able to start looking for food as soon as they can walk and see well enough.

So, you’ll find wild chickens sleeping on low branches, in shrubs or bushes, and anywhere else they feel safe.

Will chickens use nesting boxes to sleep in?

One thing you don’t want to find out as a chicken owner is that your chickens have been sleeping in their nesting boxes for 8–10 hours. Why? Because they might break the eggs, eat them, or lay them in their own waste. During the night, chickens go to the bathroom a lot. You will have to clean up a huge mess. You don’t want your chickens to sleep in the nesting boxes, so don’t tell them to. The perches in the coop are for them to rest on, not to lay eggs on.

What do chickens do when they sleep?

Chickens can sleep in many ways that are comfortable for them. Your chicken sleep can tell you a lot about how they feel. You might find your flock sleeping in one of the following ways:

  • Roosting on a perch is how chickens prefer to sleep.
  • A chicken sleeps outside in the dirt usually curls up into a ball.
  • In a nesting box, they feel unsafe, are sick, or don’t have enough space on the perches.
  • Your chickens are huddling together on the coop floor because it’s cold or there’s nowhere for them to sit.
  • Standing up is an unusual way for chickens to sleep, and it happens when they are sick, old, or haven’t slept enough during the night.

Does a chicken sleep all night?

If your chickens sleep more than you do, you might want to be a little envious of them. When there is nothing to wake them up, chickens sleep all night. That means your flock is ready to make hay when the sun goes down. Depending on where you live, that could mean that your chickens are ready for bed around 6 p.m. It may be 9 p.m. somewhere else.

Chickens will wake up quickly if something startles them. Like people, some backyard chickens will sleep better than others. Some people won’t wake up even if it starts to rain. But most of the time, your chickens will be somewhere in the middle: they will wake up quickly if they sense danger, but they will sleep the rest of the night peacefully.

How Do I Give My Chickens the Best Place to Sleep?

Many of the instincts that help chickens survive in the wild are still in the chickens we keep in our backyards. One of these instincts is where to sleep. They like to sleep on roosts because of this.

A roost, also called a perch, is a wooden pole in chicken coops to look like the tree branches that the chickens’ ancestors used to sleep on.

Here are some ways to make your backyard chicken sleep better:

Never use metal rods. Metal rods can be slippery and hurt your feet; in colder places,, they can also cause frostbite. The best bars are made of wood.

Make sure the bar is round. Square or rectangular bars can cause sore feet or even open wounds that bugs and fungi can get into. For the chicken’s feet to be safe and comfortable, the round bars should be 2 to 4 inches wide.

Make a ladder-like arrangement. The bird at the top of the food chain will sleep on the highest perch. Just don’t put them right on top of each other, or you might wake up to chickens covered in poop. I’ve seen it happen before.


Now you know more about how and where backyard chickens sleep and when they do it.

Sleep is important for most living things. Chickens know this, so they sleep on their own when the sun goes down. Most of the time, your chickens will find a comfortable place to sleep, switching places as the night goes on. Make sure your backyard chicken gets enough sleep, so they are alert and happy during the day, keep the coop clean, give them plenty of places to sit, and ensure the yard is safe!

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