Story Behind Pablo Escobar’s Photo in Front of the White House

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Photos of Pablo Escobar and his son in front of the White House. The photo was taken by Escobar’s wife, Maria Victoria. Pablo Escobar was trying to make himself look like a legitimate politician in Colombia when the famous photo was taken. So, Pablo Escobar in front of the White House photos just helped him in the process of legitimizing himself.

“Pablo Escobar White House” photo was shown in the 2010 HBO documentary “Sins of My Father,” which told the story of the drug kingpin’s life through the eyes of his only son, Juan Pablo Escobar, who has since changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin.

In 1982, following his rise to prominence as a drug lord in the 1970s, Pablo Escobar attempted to legitimize himself by securing a seat in Colombia’s Congress. After ordering the killing of Colombia’s justice minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla and organizing the bombing of Avianca Airlines Flight 203, Pablo Escobar rose to prominence in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, as cocaine usage increased in the United States, American officials focused more on Escobar as a threat. In 1984, a grand jury in Miami convicted Escobar and other cartel members for participating in the cocaine trade.

Who Was Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who lived from 1949 to 1993. At his peak, he was worth about $30 billion. He was one of the richest people of his time, and he made a monopoly on cocaine in the late 20th century. He was in charge of supplying drugs all over the world.

Escobar was one of the most famous criminals in history. He turned the cocaine trade into a worldwide business that made $420 million a week at one point.

Escobar started as a criminal in Medellin, where he grew up. He committed small crimes like stealing, scamming and making fake documents and diplomas. Soon, he started dealing drugs, where he made a huge fortune.

Career in crime

Pablo Escobar started selling drugs in the mid-1970s, but he was initially not very successful. He would sneak bags of cocaine into the country on planes he bought himself. In the 1980s, he built a huge drug network and sent cocaine all over the world.

The drug’s growing popularity and use led to a lot of money. Escobar was so rich that he spent thousands of dollars on rubber bands every month to hold his money together. When he was at the top of his game, his network brought 15 tons of cocaine into the U.S. daily.

He was one of the most wanted people in the world and spent a lot on his safety. But he was going to get caught, and in late 1993, law enforcement agents finally found him.


Even though most people hated Pablo Escobar, he became a hero to the working class in his home country, Colombia, because he was good at PR and invested in the area. He built football fields, courts for different sports, and community centers for the working-class people in the area.

Escobar died on December 2, 1993, after a long and very expensive search for him. His hiding place in Medellin was found by authorities. Escobar tried to get away by running over several roofs, but he was shot several times. The fatal shot came from one of the bullets. He is buried in Colombia in a family plot.

Over 25,000 people went to his funeral, which shows how popular he was among poor people in Colombia. Some people still talk about him as a martyr and even a saint. They pray to him in the hope that he can help them in heaven.

Pablo Escobar and the picture of the White House

When the picture was taken, Pablo Escobar was at the top of his game and, ironically, would have been much wealthier than the President of the United States. At the time, Escobar was working to become a legitimate politician in his home country.

He had a diplomatic passport, but it’s not clear if it was real or fake. After all, Escobar did start out as a criminal by making fake documents.

He became a substitute congressman and then joined the Medellin, Colombia, City Council. But the Colombian government hated him and thought he was a very dangerous person. He was also accused of making a big generalization about the country of Colombia, which is still true today.

The color White House photo was taken in front of a part of the building that was open to the public near Pennsylvania Avenue. You can stand here now, but the fence is a lot taller than it used to be.

Final Words

Pablo Escobar is still a controversial figure almost 30 years after he died. Most people think of him as a cruel and bloodthirsty drug lord, but there is a group of people who still see him as a Robin Hood figure.

Several documentaries and TV shows about him that are loosely based on his life show that he is still an important part of popular culture.

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