How to Find Diamonds In Minecraft on Xbox

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Diamonds are an important find in Minecraft because they are used to make the most powerful swords and the most resilient armor, and they are absolutely necessary for making a diamond pickaxe, without which you cannot mine obsidian. Without obsidian, you can never go to the Nether, and of course, without going to the Nether, it will be very hard to ever make it to the End. The following guide will tell you everything you need to know to find diamonds in Minecraft.

But diamonds are hard to find. You could mine and mine without ever seeing one if you don’t know how to find them. Fortunately, for Minecraft players on the Xbox, there definitely seems to be a pattern to the way diamonds are placed.

I saw patterns in the mines

When my kids first talked me into playing survival mode with them, it was to help them try to find more diamonds. All they really wanted was another random digger, so that’s what I became. Supplied with a bottomless chest full of pickaxes, I set to work mining as much as I could, so they could collect the Minecraft diamonds they needed.

But before long, I saw a pattern emerging deep in the mines. After three caches of diamonds showed up, all in the same way, I decided to test the pattern and start following leads.

Gravel and dirt

The deep, deep mines my kids had dug in the hills near their homes were full of gravel. When I started to clear out some of these blocks, my son said those were essentially useless, and I should leave them alone. But I didn’t like the gravel piled up where I couldn’t see a randomly spawned monster approaching, so I kept digging.

Sure enough, behind mounds of gravel, I almost always found dirt. And wondering if this meant anything, I dug deeper. Behind the dirt, sometimes a couple of blocks deeper into the stone, but often right on top, I found Redstone.

Behind the Redstone

Every single time I found redstone, if I kept digging in the same direction just a little farther, I would find coal or iron ore. If I followed the seam of coal or iron, I would run into either more gravel and dirt, more redstone, or more coal and iron.

Group of Redstone minecraft

Leading me deeper

I couldn’t help feeling that this placement of blocks was leading me deeper, so I kept following. And time after time, after much digging and following the path of blocks, I would run into gold, diamonds, or both.

I quickly realized these blocks were in no way random. Sometimes, a group of Redstone would form a perfect arrow pointing at a diamond block five or six chunks away, or a long straight seam of coal would point straight into a lava pond, and at the bottom, after much careful clearing, I would find four or five diamonds in Minecraft.

Hard work pays off

You can stumble upon diamonds randomly in Minecraft for Xbox, but you can’t count on finding them this way. My method has worked again and again, never failing to yield either diamonds or gold. Yes, clearing away mounds of gravel and dirt is tedious, but when you are near bedrock, gravel, and dirt are usually your first clues that diamonds are near.

Don’t ignore the seemingly useless gravel and dirt. Clear them away, and follow the trails of redstone, coal, and ore that will lead you on a path to precious blocks of diamonds. Dig with a buddy to clear paths faster and share the loot as you uncover cache after cache and celebrate the rewards of your efforts.

That’s all you need to know to find diamonds in Minecraft. You don’t always have to dig for it, of course. The diamonds in Minecraft can also be found both above and below the ground.

Fernando Meyer

Fernando Meyer

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