How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Tools?

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You’ve had your old power set in your garage for longer than you can remember, and now you find out that pawn shops love power tools. What do you do? You grab every power tool you can find and go to the pawnshop. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which power tools pawn shops buy the most?

On the other hand, do you even know how much they’ll pay you? Pawn shops will take both new and used tools as long as they are in good shape and quality. Popular brands like Bosch, Stanley, Dewalt, Kobalt, Hitachi, and Husky make reliable tools that you can probably pawn for a fair price.

When you sell your power tool, there are many things to think about, just like when you pawn something.


Before bringing your power tools to a shop, ensure they are in good shape. Make sure your tools are clean and don’t have any rust or goo on them. Most of the time, a rough-looking tool can be made to look better by giving it a quick wash. If your tool has scratches or tears, the price will drop.

Pawnshops make money by selling the things you give to other people. If they don’t think they can make money selling your tools, they won’t pay too much for them.


Every brand is known for something different. Some brands will be known for making materials that last a long time. Other brands might be known for being one of the easiest to use. If you have tools with well-known brand names, you can get more money for them.

Pawn shops pay more for the best brands, like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Stihl, and Snap-On. Some brands like Rigid, Festool, Dremel, Craftsman, Stanley, and Ryobi might not be as popular in a pawn shop.

A set will raise the price, especially if all pieces are in the same place. The chart below shows the prices range from the most expensive to the least expensive. Each pawn shop may pay a different amount depending on where it is. This chart shows the average price pawn shops usually charge for power tools.

Why do popular brand tools bring in more money?

Tools can cost a lot of money. They need to keep going. They are also used over and over again for hard work. The most trusted power tool brands have gotten to where they are because customers have given them good reviews and ratings for their durability and toughness.

A good tool can be used for a long time. A tool with a well-known brand will keep its value. People who shop for a tool or equipment for home improvement projects know what they want. The consumer also knows which brands are the best and which ones can stand on their own. Pawn shops want to sell a type of tool that meets every customer’s needs at an affordable price.

How much money do you think you will get?

Here is the pawn price breakdown of what I was quoted.

Tool Sets

BrandHighest PriceLowest Price

Power Drills And Other Small Tools

BrandHighest PriceLowest Price

Circular Saws And Chop Saws

BrandHighest PriceLowest Price

What tools can be sold at pawn shops for the most money?

Pawn shops will give you more money for high-end power tools from top brands like Milwaukee, Snap-On, and Bosch. If the used power tools are in good shape, you can get between $30 and $300 for them at a pawn shop.

How to Get the Most Money When Pawning Tools

How can you ensure you get the most money for your tools now that you know which ones are the best to pawn and how much you can expect to make? Here are 5 things you can do to help.

1. Check to see if the tools work

Definitely, you need to check that the tool works. If you want to sell a broken tool, it won’t be worth as much as a working one. So the first thing to do is make sure it works.

2. Fill up the batteries

These days, cordless tools are very popular. Ensure the batteries are fully charged if you want to get rid of them. Not only does a charged battery show that the tool works, but showing that the battery can hold a charge is another way to get top dollar for the tool.

3. Clean the Tools

Clean the tools as best you can in a few minutes. Less money will be paid for dirty, old tools. If you see two of the same tool, but one is dirty, and the other is clean and shiny, which one are you more likely to buy?

Most people will choose the clean one. When more people want something, the price goes up.

Most people will find it hard to choose between new and old tools that have been cleaned up to look new. I can vouch for this being true.

When I sell my cars, I take the time to wash the outside and give the inside a thorough cleaning.

4. Complete the accessories

You should also get together all of the extra parts that came with the tool. If you don’t know what came with it, you can look it up online or go to a hardware store near you. Look at the box to see what is inside, and then take time to find everything. Again, having all the extra parts will help you get the most money for it.

5. Find the manuals book and the box

Another great thing to do is to have the owner’s manual. I keep all the user manuals in a box, so I know where to look for them if I ever need them. You can go online and print out a copy of the manual, at the very least.

Having the original packaging can also help you get a better price. Even though keeping the box isn’t always convenient, it might make sense if you have room for it.

Final Thought

It’s always safest to sell your tools at pawnshops instead of online markets, where you can talk to brokers and make deals in person. You might have to pay extra for shipping when you sell items on online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist.

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